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Francis M. Naumann Fine Art
Damian Elwes: The Studios of Matisse, Picasso, Warhol and Duchamp
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Picasso's Studio (Rue des Grands-Augustins, 1944)
Picasso's Studio (Cannes, 1956)
Picasso's Studio  (Cannes, 1956)
Picasso's Studio  (Rue des Grands-Augustins, 1944)
Picasso's Studio (Rue la Boetie, 1920) Picasso's Studio (Cannes, 1961)
Picasso's Studio  (Rue la Boetie, 1920)
Picasso's Studio  (Cannes, 1961)
Matisse's Studio (Nice, 1952)
Matisse's Studio (Vence, 1946)
Matisse's Studio  (Nice, 1952)
Matisse's Studio  (Vence, 1946)
Picasso's Studio (Cannes, 1955) Picasso's Studio (Fountainbleau, 1921 )
Picasso's Studio  (Cannes, 1955)
Picasso's Studio  (Fountainbleau, 1921 )
Picasso's Studio (Cannes, 1959) Picasso's Studio (Cannes, 1960)
Picasso's Studio  (Cannes, 1959)
Picasso's Studio  (Cannes, 1960)